by Burning Infants

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A spineless fabrication of false tales
Intentions of betrayal, conflict
You twist the past I've put behind me
You disgusting piece of shit

I see childish desires in your eyes
I smell fear behind your disguise
Every reason to
Every reason to look down on you

Realize the failure that you are
I won't close an eye on this
I want to rip apart that filthy lying mouth of yours

Hatred swells my heart
I should've known this from the start


The damage is done
Save your trivial apologies
Save your excuses
I want none of it

Now I see my mistakes on your faces
I've found lies in all the wrong places
Lie to my face, my friend
I'm not the one with blood on my hands

Fuck all the stories you tell to tarnish my name
Every single one of you, I wish you well

I will see all of you in hell

Spell out your name for me,
I'll carve it on this tombstone for your loved ones to see
So, here lies a foolish soul,
whose choices led him to a grave so fucking dark and cold
So burn

Just burn


released May 26, 2016
Recorded and mixed by our evil genius guitarist Danny
Mastered by HH Studios
Song art designed by the ever beautiful KP Beverly

26/05/16 it's Darween's birthday. Give him a wish guys.
Last but not least, hope you guys enjoy the song and if you really like it then look out for our EP which we will release this year. Cheers.

- Burning Infants



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